Monday, May 5

The Uneventful

The weekend has ended, and this morning brings about the Monday that we all dread. Though, that feeling of dread is somewhat missing from my morning so far. Not that I awoke all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, but that heavy feeling knowing that the return to work is today, is not as daunting as it usually is.

This weekend wasn't too bad of a weekend. I spent most of it doing nothing. Well, almost literally nothing. More like nothing of importance. Played a bit of Warcraft on the computer. Spent part of Saturday with friends, and got some shopping done. Well, my shopping. I needed to get some gum for when I am driving. Plus a few other snacks. I did forget a couple things, but I didn't realize it until this morning, and now it will have to wait until next Saturday, as I doubt I will get it picked up during the week. Sunday I spent the day at home. Watched a couple movies. Played a bit on the computer. Read a book. Just was mellow.

I put in my request for a day off at work on Friday. Talking about June 6th, when Comicon is here in town. I think I must have mentioned in a previous post about taking the oldest son for his driving permit test, then spend the day at Comicon. I found out that he also has Vacation Bible school that evening, which works out well, as I know I won't want to spend ALL day at Comicon. It is a day without pay, as I don't get vacation days until late August.

I got an updated text last night from a certain person. It has to do with an event I am not supposed to share with anyone. It has now changed the time and location of the event (again) back to what I think was the original time/place. I read the text, then just shook my head. The Wife says I should attend, but I am of mixed thoughts about it. I think mostly because I totally do not understand the reasoning behind things. Then again, it only affects me in small ways, so why should that matter? Maybe I am just too set in how I think things should be ... either way, I haven't made a final decision, and probably won't until near the last minute. I think I am going to follow my gut instinct, whatever it may be when the date gets closer.

Wow. All this and a whole week to go yet. The excitement around here never fades ...


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Rev Mom said...

Oh, just plan to attend... then you can decide if you want to go in November. LOL This will be short and sweet. And your mama will get to see you. :-)