Tuesday, May 6

Jinxed! (Again)

This morning's post comes to you slowly. Not because you have "slow" internet,but because it is taking me longer to type it. In many ways, I was yesterday to mention that Life was pretty much uneventful, and that there was nothing excitable in my near future... Man, Mr. Peabody,can we set the way-back machine? Yesterday, and most of the evening were what I expected. It was late when things went wrong.

I decided to go out for a couple beers last night.I had my phone (Kindle app on it) so it wasn't like I had nothing to do.everything was fine until just after midnight, about the time I was heading out the door. Enroute to going out the door, the bar owner's son, who works there, but not last night, was drunk and giving the head security guy problems. Another guy stepped up, and the two of them started scuffling. I helped break that up,then the son wanted back in (we had told him no, to just go home) and .... well ... long story short, my thumb is a bit more fucked up now. Somewhere, somehow, in the midst of keeping him out of the bar, my thumb got tweaked. And now it hurts just barely even moving it.

Work today is going to suck. Probably for the next few days.

It is so easy to just fucking hate my life at times.


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