Monday, May 19

Learning New Things

The weekend has been a bit of a learning thing for me. Saturday morning it only took about an hour and a half to fix the Wife's window in her van. The Youtube video on how to do it helped immensely! About midday, the oldest boy ans I took my truck over to RM's and picked up a desk they have had there for the past year and a half. It was one that PT's dad had used, that RM & PT kept after the passing. I said I wanted it but just have not had the available space for it, until now. I told the Wife that the desk was coming home today, even if I had to throw out everything that was int he space where I wanted to put it. The reason why? We had received our tax refund, and one of the things we wanted to get was a new computer, and it is going to be mine. So of course the desk came home this weekend! The only thing is, the desk is smaller than I was thinking it was. My fat legs don't fit completely comfortably under the desk, but I love the drawer space, so am making it work.

Obviously, this post is coming via the new computer as well. I feel I got a really good deal on the computer and monitor, and have spent most of the weekend trying to get it set up as I like. It has Windows 8, which I already am not a big fan of. Seems to take me forever to find certain features. I also have been trying to copy over (via an external hard drive) things from the other computer: e-books, music, pictures, some games. I went to set up a router, too, so we could share the one printer, but I was having some issues with other things when the router is being in use. I will have to read up some more about how to resolve those issues.

I'm still happy. It's nice to upgrade/add things to our home, and with the three boys here, adding a third computer helps.With these few good things that happened over the past two days, I am waiting for the shoe to drop, and some bad stuff happen. My van wouldn't start yesterday morning. Battery was low. It has been 2-3 years since the last battery replacement, so I am not surprised. They only last about that long out here. But I wasn't going to mess with it at that point, and used a jump starter pack kit to start it up. I suppose that it sits in the drive more than days than I drive it, doesn't help. I will have to get it taken care of sometime soon.

I got my day off from work approved. In a couple weeks I get a Friday off. Plans were to attend Comicon, but we decided we are going Saturday instead. Now plans are to take the now 16 year old son (his birthday was yesterday) to get his driving permit.

I need to get moving and get somethings done.


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