Tuesday, May 27

Everything is Running

Not having to get up as early to run the oldest son to school was a small blessing this morning. The boys have just today and a half day tomorrow then they are done with school for this school year. So no more Zero Hour until this fall. That half hour of extra sleep will be nice.

That being said, I awoke about 40 minutes later than usual, and after the quick bathroom trip, started in with the runny nose and watering eyes. Thank goodness The Wife had picked up some more allergy pills for me, though, almost and hour later I am still waiting for it to kick in. I can feel it starting, but hasn't built up to maximum effectiveness yet.

It is a return to work today, and even with an extra day off for the holiday, it should be a normal return. Most of my work centers around a day to day load, so most of the work I do today, is for tomorrow, and most of that has been readied. There might be a few extras added on, but that is fairly normal each day. For the most part I feel well rested, and any muscle soreness I still feel, is minor. Bring on the big parts today, as I know by Friday I will be dreading them.

I gotta run before I write stuff I shouldn't.


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