Wednesday, May 7

Wearing Down

This morning finds me a bit sore. Mostly in the muscle areas of my shoulders, a nice ache in my right elbow, and my right-hand thumb. All of it from the other night? No, just the thumb. The rest is just regular weekly work-related soreness. By Friday, I will be quite sore, and after resting up over the weekend, I will return to work on Monday feeling refreshed, and more than likely, not sore. In the meantime, the next three days will have me popping ibuprofen, and lifting as little as possible.

I had started to put on a few pounds again. Over the previous couple of months, I had gone a bit crazy on my drinks. Months ago I purchased a 52-ounce refill cup from Quik Trip for use as I drove the truck on my route. At first it was water, or Gatorade, then moved onto soda refills. I found out first-hand the reason doctors tell you in losing weight to take soda out of your diet. Within a couple months, my pants were almost too tight (around the waist) to wear. After a few quick moments I realized it was the soda. I had moved up to drinking 2-3 of the 52-oz sized sodas every work day. That's way too much. I took soda out of my diet basically for the last couple weeks, and my waist is starting to return to normal. I still allow my self soda, but smaller size serving, and usually only once on a weekend (like if we eat out). Sweet tea probably isn't as bad as soda, but I still drink more of that than I should. May be why the weight isn't dropping as quick as it should.

Now I have run out of fuel for my fingers here.


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