Tuesday, May 20

Blowing It

I am kind of blank today. Since I woke up, I have blown my nose many times, and just feel like blech. I know, it's the damn allergies that I deal with all the time, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy them. The Wife bought one of them air purifier fan thingy's from Lowe's over the weekend. I can tell a small difference, in the same room, when it has been running for hours. Otherwise, it doesn't seem to help much. Maybe if we used it at night in the bedroom, rather than only using it in the front room, it would work better. Shrug. I don't know.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up. I have no plans, except to buy a floor stand lamp to put next to the new desk. That corner of the room is pretty dark, even during the day, and it makes it hard to see to type. I am not a type by touch person. Not sure if the Daughter is coming up or if they will wait until the next weekend for Comicon.

Okay, off to shower.



Rev Mom said...

check with me before buying one - I may have one you can have - we have two, I think, and rarely use them.

Ralphd00d said...

Oh, I missed the comment, but that is why the other night you were offering... I have a new one now. Works Great! But thanks for offering!