Monday, May 12

Allergies Ahead By Two

I hate feeling like I am behind in the game. Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I spent most of it with watering eyes, and a runny nose. So bad, the nose is tender, and I have a feeling will be peeling skin in a few days. Yeah, I have been blowing/wiping it that much. Of course, I also had ran out of allergy pills, and once I had noticed that, there were enough things going on, or that needed to get done, we didn't have the time to run to the store to get more. Guess what my first stop this morning on the way to work will be?

Busy weekend. Saturday the Wife and I tried out a new place for lunch. I say new, because it was for me. She had been there a couple times with the Daughter. It's called Chino Bandido, and has been in the same place near our home for years, though we never got around to trying it. It's like a Mexican-Chinese food joint. I tried some Diablo Chicken dish that the Daughter thought I would enjoy as it is spicy, but in comparison, the Wife said they did not put even close to the amount of stuff that they usually do for my dish. Yeah, that makes me want to go back. Plus, my chicken tasted like it had been deep fried with seafood, so had a strong fish taste. On the plus side, the carnitas burrito I had wasn't bad, but lacked any trimmings one usually finds in a burrito (beans or rice, etc). The Tropicana Lemonade from the fountain machine was half sugar, so I was on a pretty good high for a couple hours that afternoon. We followed up lunch with a wedding we had to attend, then to Walmart to pick up some trellises the Wife wanted for some ivy plants she bought. Sunday was Mother's Day. Enough said there.

Aside from the allergy by-products this morning, I don't feel as rested as I usually do on a Monday. Might be from all the stuff we had going on this weekend. Might be because I didn't sleep well last night. I had some pretty weird dreams again. One being where I woke up and had that rare condition where you have hair grown all over the face, called Hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome. What brought that on? I have no clue. But it was a pretty weird dream.

Must be time to closet his out today. I am spending more time fixing spelling errors than anything else. For some reason, my keyboard isn't inputting the letters properly. Must be time for a new one.


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