Friday, May 9

Breakfast Places

Preacher Tom and I have been meeting up for breakfast for a few years now. Not every day, or even every week, but at least I'd say about once a month. Today is one of those days. He had texted me yesterday about it, and I had to verify if I needed to attend a tech meeting this morning at work (I don't). I responded later int he afternoon that I was free, and to let me know where we were eating. I hate having to choose the place sometimes. We have a handful of places we have eaten at, none really better than the other, in food or prices.Each seems to have some sort of dish one of us likes, that the other places don't. Or we might have a coupon for one sometimes.

So I was sitting here this morning, trying to think of someplace we have not tried yet, that isn't too far out of our way, that we would both be interested in. I haven't come up with anything in particular I can think of. I suppose I would have to invest some time wither talking to friends for suggestions, or looking up online places that do breakfast.

This place picked for this morning is Denny's. Nothing fancy. Though, the one we are going to is not the closest to our homes. For some reason, PT and RM like one that is just a few blocks further away. We seem to have several in a 5-mile radius of my house to choose from. Denny's isn't bad, I think we just sort of get bored with it all the time. Maybe not bored. Maybe more like just feeling like it is the same, as being a chain restaurant, it doesn't change much. I don't know. For breakfast, it is as good as any other place.

Of course, the best breakfasts are the ones that moms make ... maybe RM should take a day off and cook us all breakfast! (Just kidding RM!!)


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Rev Mom said...

You know what, son - if you told me you would come over eat breakfast - I would be happy to cook for you and your family! You know I love to cook - Maybe I need to do that - some Saturday morning have one of the families over for "brunch" so that they can sleep in and I can have time to cook. Something to think about - seriously - would you come?