Monday, May 6

Sometimes You're the Windshield....

I feel a bit like I have been the bug. I have so many sore muscles from things this weekend. I spent four hours Saturday morning working in my front yard, raking, pulling grass from the cement, general clean-up, tree trimmings, et ceterea. Our bulk trash pick-up starts today, and we needed to get it done since we have been procrastinating a bit of late. Needless to say, the street edge of our front lawn looks like a halfway fortified wall going along most of it, all the mattresses, plus several large garbage bags of lawn/tree trimmings and other miscellaneous junk. I was leery of checking it this morning, as from previous bulk trash days, it seems during the night people like to go through it, and end up making a bigger mess that we have to re-stack or they won't pick up. Luckily so far this has not happened.

So I am a bit worn out, and because of said achyness, I am not going to the gym today. Instead I will be doing a trip to Lowe's. Our stand-up shower in one of the baths has not been working, due to a leak at the piping of the shower head. The access to the piping is somewhat easy, as it is in a storage room, and the pipes are not hidden behind sheetrock. however, it is behind the water heater, and is basically unaccessible for me (due to my size). The Wife made it back there, and noted that the piping is screwed together, thus we should be able to unscrew the piping from the shower side of the wall. As I proceeded to test the theory, the showerhead basically just fell off. Seems the screwed in portion of the showerhead had broken (somehow) at where the pipes met, thus the leak. Well, we could use a new showerhead anyways, and I am sure I can get the "bent elbow" piece of piping that holds the head fairly easy. My problem now is the bit of threaded in piping in the pipe in the wall. I need to figure out how to get it out. There is not room, nor pipe, to just cut it  off and re-thread.

Because everything in my life is complicated, that isn't the only thing wrong, of course. With the shower being out of commission, we have been using the other bath for showers (one with regular tub/shower combo). The tub has always been a bit slow on the draining, but now has officially stopped draining. We tried using a plumber's snake over the weekend, through the tub drain, overflow, and even from the air vents on the roof.
Not working still. I will be working on that again today. Plus the Wife tried snaking it from the sink piping, and discovered that there is a leak from the sink joint to the piping, and the water line from the wall. I think it was fine until she undid the piping to try the snake, but either way, it is something else that will need to be fixed. And of course, all this happened over the weekend, when money is the tightest, and we can't afford a plumber until the tax refund comes in.

Some days, I just don't want to be alive.


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