Tuesday, May 14

Brought To You By The Word 'WHEW!'

I feel like I am still trying to catch my breath. Here it has been a good 15 minutes since I got home from the gym, my heart rate is still a bit elevated, even after a nice, hot shower. Last Thursday I had met PT up at the gym, as I had asked him about some more specific ideas for my chest. Got to work on getting rid of these man-boobs, plus build up the muscles there a bit. I am not looking for Schwarzenegger, just better than what I got, and something to help maybe burn a bit more fat in an area I need it more. Though, I do admit I got quite a bit pretty much everywhere that needs to be burnt off. I dropped a couple certain exercises I did off my "routine" and added a couple that PT had shown me. I can already feel where they worked a bit more of a group - or a different angle of the group - of muscles. It's that "good" kind of ache. Either way, I weighed in and was down two pounds from last week. I am still a pound from the lowest I had been, but I just need to concentrate and work harder to get there. I admit, the past couple weeks I have been getting lazy about it, again.

At the beginning of last summer, when the oldest son was preparing to leave Jr. High, we were notified from the H.S. that there would be a new band director that summer. The previous one had moved up into a more administrative position. After having known him for a few years (he was there for the Daughter's four years of band) it was nice to see him move up, and hope for some fresh new ideas from a new director. With marching band camp going on during the summer, and the son just starting H.S. we thought it would be good. By the end of the summer, we were already seeing problems. I say we, as in the Wife and I. I am not sure if it was just us, or if other parents were seeing what we were. The new director changed things here and there, regarding some time scheduling for practices, etc. It wasn't a major issue, as with me not working I was able to still get the son there, but the matter that 'what if' we weren't able to get him there. What if we hadn't seen the time changes through the website (which was not updated properly throughout the whole school year anyways). We both have our email addresses with the Band Parent organization, so why weren't we notified that way? Instead of changing things literally, a day before the scheduled event.

Anyway, most of the school year went by without too many complications. There was a couple concerts/events that they changed the complete date on and never notified anyone. We only heard about it as the son told us. The Band Parent emails slowed down after marching season, which is normal as there are not as many practices/events/shows that need to be attended. This spring brought the regular fund raiser event for the band. We were never notified - from the school, from the band parent emails, no one. They were selling this cookie dough stuff. For $20 you got this plastic brochure-sized card, with instructions about how to order the dough online, to have it shipped directly to you (you already paid the money for it). I actually liked the idea of it, as no deliveries were going to have to be made by us or the son. I guess he had these like maybe a week ( I didn't know about it, but the Wife did).

One Saturday morning, I get a text on my cellphone. It was early for a Saturday, around 7am. This text was from the band parent head person, saying that the kids were needed at the school by 8am to do door-to-door sales on the dough cards, as the money was due. The Wife and I already had plans for our family, and even our son had no prior knowledge of this thing. So we were a bit miffed that they would pull this stunt. Come Monday, the son goes to turn in his remaining unsold cards, and the money collected, but was informed from the band director that no cards were being accepted back, but each student had to sell them all or turn in the money only. WHAT?!? The son is told that the band had to purchase all the cards, thus, only money was being accepted back, and all cards had to be sold - no matter what.

This happened about 2-3 weeks ago. We had tried selling what we could to family, co-workers, and friends. They weren't going to get sold now unless we stuck the son out on a corner for the day. That is not going to happen. I dropped the son off yesterday morning, with the money and remaining cards, saying for him to tell his director, that this is the best he could do, and he had to take the cards back. If there was an issue, the band director could call and speak to me. This morning, I asked the son what happened. He said the director had said he was going to call me. It's only been one day, but I am waiting. Almost anxiously, so I can rip him a new asshole. Oh, did I mention the director took the money for the sold items, but said the son had to sell the remaining cards.

The Wife and I are more upset at the lack of communication he has provided this past school year. Add into that, the poor planning for things, last minute changes (to time schedules), and now this fundraiser stuff. I mean, you cannot lawfully enter into a financial agreement with a minor, which is what he is trying to do by making the kids responsible for only the money for the items not able to be sold. I know kids do fundraisers every year. Heck, I got three boys that have stuff every year. But if they don't sell, they don't sell. No one is required to pay 'X' amount of dollars just because their kid made zero sales.

I just get so ... exasperated ... with what this new band director is trying to do. I wait for him to call me. If I don't have a call by the end of this week, I will be contacting the school administration I think. Lord knows they don't want to deal with me.

And the thing that pisses me off the most? We have to pay money for our son to be in band. So we're paying for this grief. Yeah, I know. I could just have the son not be in band. That's not right, either.

Am I just not fully informed of the whole situation? Possibly. Have I done what I could to inquire about it? Maybe not as much as I could have done.

As I sit here thinking about the whole thing, I am beginning to have a few doubts run through my head. Most of them center around the son. This whole school year we have had some trust issues with him, and I wonder if it is going to come down to him not informing us of certain information. If that is the cause for this whole fiasco, I don't know what I am going to do.

Yeah, I know. The parenthood stick maybe be beating me to death soon.


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