Friday, May 3

Countdown to Summer

May brings us the final month of school for the boys, and it is a countdown of sorts. The other day we received a Graduation announcement from the Daughter's boyfriend as he is graduating from the University of Arizona. This morning, while dropping off the oldest son, there was a sign up about last day to purchase tickets for the HS graduation ceremonies. Most of the schools here will be releasing for summer break about the last week of May.

I haven't decided yet what the plans are for this summer. Hopefully a job opportunity will arrive, and I will be working. If not, I suppose I will be having one day each week with each son, the other days they will be at Grandma's house.

Yesterday the Wife was off work. In her line of work, there are occasionally days where they have a lower amount of patients to see, and she was given the chance to use a vacation day (unscheduled). We had the chance to go out to eat for lunch and had a great time.

Nothing on the agenda this weekend. The Daughter has a conference of some kind she is required to attend for her schooling today. It is up herein the Valley, and she was planning on driving up early this morning. She plans to be here this weekend following the conference, so we will have a full house (more than usual). This weekend will be busy getting whatever we can done around the house as bulk trash pick-up starts next week. We'll have to put out all the old mattresses we replaced, and try to get as much of the lawn stuff done and bagged to put on the street.

No plans otherwise today. I may just take it easy. After all, it is Friday.


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