Wednesday, May 15

Tired and Fuzzy-Headed

I feel like someone kicked me out of bed, onto my back, on a hard floor. No, it really didn't happen, but it sure feels like it. The back muscles are very much letting me know how much the workout yesterday is affecting them. To top it off, I am a bit fuzzy-headed because I feel so tired. I was up way past my regular bedtime reading The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett. It's seems to be getting pretty interesting, and I just started it yesterday morning.

It is Wednesday, so happy Hump Day.

Phoenix Comicon is coming up next weekend. Thursday through Sunday. I so want to go, but not sure if finances will allow the $60 entry. Though that would get me a weekend pass. And there is one book I want in particular, which is a special Con-only, shortened version of an anthology due out in June. It has 5 of the authors and their stories featured, and all five authors will be a t the Con, so I could get the book signed by all. I don't know what to do about it. Maybe I can talk the Wife into letting me go.

Being how it is just past 7am, I may be laying back down for a bit. After I take a couple aspirin.


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