Friday, May 24

Starting the Weekend

It is going to be one heck of a Friday, I think. We are heading into the Memorial Day weekend, which for many is a 3-day weekend. Myself, though it feels funny to say it, I have to work. My problem is I don't know how work will go. Being a holiday weekend, the customer traffic could be extremely light, or extremely busy. Personally, I prefer it to be light, especially considering they are doing the pay-per-view UFC match on Saturday night. Seems lie every month they have it, there is at least one person that thinks he can fight like they do on TV.

This morning I will be heading over to PT's to help in his computer. He had called me up yesterday, explaining a problem where he could not seem to access any log-in page through Chrome. I went over, and found myself at a loss as well, though I did write down the error code that was appearing, then spent time at home looking up possible solutions. I have a couple ideas to try this morning to get him back up and running, and RM's laptop as well, since the same thing was happening there. I am hoping one of these two ways will fix it, otherwise I have no clue what to do.

Other than that, I am sure I will be napping later today since I will be up late tonight. Have a good weekend!


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