Friday, December 21

What? Yer Still Here?

So much for the world ending, eight? I saw a Facebook post yesterday from NZ, that said they were still around, so I figured it had to wait until the time zone area the Mayans lived in. Then I noticed it was after 1am, and I needed to get home. One of the boys woke me this morning (because my cell phone was making noise) and I thought 'Damn. It isn't over'. Maybe it means it will end at the END of the day... pshaw! As if!

So I spent a few hours out and about yesterday, trying to finish out the shopping for the Wife. Have I said before how much I hate shopping. Or how much I suck at finding a gift for someone when they don't give me specific items to get? Yeah. All that time I ended up with two items for her. But I guess it was good that I got out and did A LOT of walking. Oh, and worked on being patient with the damn crowds. And traffic. At least it wasn't snowing like I heard it is in the mid-west.

Today is the first day of the break for the boys so I have all three of them at home. It's almost 10am, so I suppose I should go wake the two that still asleep. The middle one has been up since 'fuck it's too early'. In case I don't make it back before, enjoy your upcoming Tuesday.


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