Monday, December 24

A 2012 Christmas

For those of you just now reading this, it really isn't Christmas yet. That's still about 17 hours away. Actually more like 24 hours away, if I get to sleep in a little bit before anything happens.

The Wife has just left for work. The boys are still asleep. I'm wide awake. I would think that after the drinking I did yesterday, I would be feeling some effects still, but apparently not. Captain Morgan's wears off pretty good considering.

No shopping to do today. Thank Goodness!! I know there are things that still need to be wrapped, but it is all in the Wife's hands now, as I have no clue who the gifts are to go to, so no since in my trying to wrap them.

Today will be hopefully easy. Maybe just my Kindle and me ... ignore the boys ...

Merry Christmas


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