Friday, December 7

Time To Call It Quits

I wrote earlier this morning about the issues I am having with things around here. First, the damn toilet. The floor flange is broken now. It is an older home (built in the early 60's) so the piping is like cast iron. The flange is not bolted on (as is the norm for home nowadays) so it will need to be cut off from what I understand. I thought maybe a thin newer one over it, but, no bolts to hold it in place, and the piece that broke off is big enough, I can't just do a partial. Added to that, there is concrete flooring, that someone evidently had replaced this piece before, as it was all filled with plumbers putty and nothing to bolt into to hold anything in place. I went and removed the tank from the toilet to replace the flush valve. I just cannot get the holding nut to turn, without turning everything. I am guessing it is going to need to be cut off. Then, in the other bathroom, the piping to the shower head is leaking when on. Thankfully, the piping is exposed from the back side which is in our storage room, so access to it is available. However, it is metal piping, and I have no clue as to what to do to fix it. All jobs for a plumber. So, now I have to figure out a time that the Wife or I will be home for one to come by. Added to this, the van is going to the dealer again for the radiator leak on Tuesday, and both Monday & Tuesday I have other running that needs to be done.

I'm fucking done. I am frustrated beyond anything I have been before. I'm sore from trying to get shit to work and moving and up/down on the knees, my back hurts. I just feel like everything is going wrong. Makes me feel like just leaving the house and going drinking. But I know I shouldn't.

I just don't know what to do at this point. Or rather, how, and when.



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