Monday, December 17

A Last Week of Bliss, Sort of

Today starts the last week I have before the kids are out of school for two weeks. It's also pretty much down to one week until Christmas as well, and I know I need to get out for at least 1 more gift for the Wife. Actually, I should get more than one, but I know of only one thing she wants. I really have no desire to get out to the store to get it though. I can just imagine the crowd of moronic, Spanish-speaking imbeciles I will have to put up with just to get this one item. Shudder.

Tonight the middle son has his winter concert. He plays trumpet. The oldest has some theater thingy going on at the same time. The Wife's employer has scheduled their Christmas party for this Friday, though I have no clue where it is being held. I do not know if she is wanting me to attend this year or not. Most past years, I have not gone. I am the Grinch in spirit, what can I say?

The Daughter is headed back to Tucson after being up this weekend. She plans on being up again next weekend for two weeks as she is on school break, too. I need to talk to the Wife and get her to change the Daughter's plans. I don't think I want her here for two weeks, especially when we are paying for an apartment in Tucson. I don't mind her being here a few days for the holiday, but go home, come back again next time.

And so my Christmas spirit starts.


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