Friday, November 30

A Farewell to November

She was a fairly kind month, as months go. Warm most of the time, but had some cooling at heart. Shared a wonderful meal with her, and some sick time as well. By after so much time, I need to move on.

The Wife and I got a small moment with out the kids in the room, to briefly discuss options for gifts this year. I still sit here with no ideas. I did write RM back and let her know the basic sizes for clothing, and favorite colors, but no other ideas. Why should I give her any that I have? LOL! Right now I am more worried about finding a gift for the Wife for her birthday in about a week.

Saturday the Wife and Daughter are driving up north with the MIL for a memorial service. An uncle of the Wife had passed away a couple weeks back. I am hoping she decides to take at least the two younger boys, so I am able to get out and get some shopping done. If I have all three, it would be near impossible, and I don't want to deal with them fighting, then me having to hear all about it when I get back home.

I think I may go out to lunch today. Souper Salad is sounding good at 730am.


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