Monday, November 12

Wondering Where to Hide

I can tell that winter is here in the Valley. This past weekend, the weather cooled down, and we actually got a little bit of rain. That is normal for this time of year. After all, it is November. We don't need 90+ temperatures this late in the year!

What this time of year brings along with the cooler temps though, is the flu and cold season. It has already started at my house. The youngest was out of school Friday, displaying the typical signs of stomach and bowel explosions. Add in the no desire to eat anything, and feeling tired all day to the symptoms, and you can guess what he got. Saturday he recuperated and was pretty much back to normal. The Wife and I crossed out fingers that he would be the only casualty this round. He wasn't. The middle son started his Sunday morning. He was feeling well enough last night he ate a tiny bit for supper (this being the kid who always asks for seconds). He is still asleep this morning, so not sure if he is feeling better yet, but hoping it is basically the one day version, too. Especially considering, last night about 11pm, the Wife said she was starting to feel icky. Yep, she got it, too. She was up and down to the bathroom all night (waking me almost like every time she went - so I didn't sleep good). She has called into work already this morning. That leaves two of us here that have not had it yet, and am crossing my fingers we don't get it.

My friend Ginny is in town for the race that was yesterday. I was able to get out on Saturday to visit with her for a bit. Hopefully between our schedules, we can hook up again this week before she leaves Friday night. Just not sure when. It'll probably be about a year before she would be back this way again if she can.

It's the celebration of Veteran's Day today. Be sure you toss out a thank you for all our military personnel.

Thank you Vets, for preserving our freedom and way of life.


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