Thursday, November 15

Oh, That's So Messed Up

I try to write my blog posts in the mornings. Before I get side-tracked onto other things, and to help me get my thoughts organized as to maybe what I need to get accomplished that day. I know they have no rhyme or reason at times, but that's how I roll.

So yesterday's post was about being glad I skipped being sick when the whole household was. Scratch that. By yesterday afternoon, I felt like crap. Aching, throwing up, backyard trots, hot and cold flashes. Went I got around to taking my temperature, it was up 101.5, and an hour later was 102.0. I quite taking it then. I laid in bed, sleeping and sweating for most of the night. I was able to eat a bit of dinner - the Wife had made some chicken, noodle and carrots thing. Though, I admit this morning, there were pieces of carrot in my stool. But at least it stayed down the other way and I wasn't throwing it up.

Today I am feeling much better. Temp is back in the normal range. Not as ache-y, and definitely do not feel like sleeping. I will be taking the van to the dealer this morning and hopefully they will get it fixed today. PT and I were to go to a movie, and I actually think I will still do that.

Gotta make another trip to the bathroom.


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