Friday, November 23

It's Not Saving Money

Today is what people in the US call Black Friday. That day after Thanksgiving, when everyone goes out and saves the National Debt for items on special sale for today only. Kinda like being a kick-off for the Christmas buying season. For the next week, I am sure that is what most people are going to be talking about - how much they saved by going to some special sale to get this one item. Bah! Humbug!

I hate the crowds. I dislike even shopping in general, and only do it when there is something that NEEDS to be bought. The next month I avoid shopping stores that carry more than groceries. Christmas shopping. Oh geez! The biggest commercialized holiday of them all! I am not getting started on that one today.

Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. Went to the In-Laws for lunch....well, more like mid-afternoon meal by the time it was being served up. I snuck out quickly after eating to meet a buddy to watch the Redskins kick some Dallas butt. The Daughter is in town, but heading back today for the big ASU-UofA game tonight, then return tomorrow with the boyfriend. I never did make it to RM's family walk yesterday morning. Seems I was the only family member that didn't, but I don't care. Everyone in my house was asleep except for me, and I just didn't feel like going at 7am. I am sure I will hear some comments later on about my non-attendance, though, more than likely it won't be from RM.

Well, I am off to peruse the ads this week - to see how much money I would have saved if I went shopping today....not!


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