Saturday, November 24

It Don't Work No More

As I was booting up the old computer today, I remembered that my website domain name thingy was supposed to have expired back around the 12th-16th of this month. The company I have had it through for the past six years never even bothered to contact me by email, or by phone - both of which have been the same for even longer than our business time together. Bastards. Doesn't really matter though, as I was not continuing with their services either way after last year's fiasco.

So, that means I am getting a new domain name, more than likely through, as I see they are only about $10 for at least the first year. Now I just need to settle down on a .com name that hopefully isn't taken. I know is open. But this will also bring a little bit of change to the blog as well. The title here will be changing, mainly since the content hasn't been the same as when I started it. No doubting that they are still two of my favoritest things, I just feel it is time for some change.

It will be a few days for the changes to go into effect. Check back everyday to see if they are here yet.


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