Wednesday, November 7

Not Surprised At All

I am not surprised that Obama was re-elected. I'm not happy about it either. Though, without ranting political, I can't say one would be better than the other. Our country is just going to shit no matter what, and we, as a people, decided that is definitely the direction for the next four years. At least political ranting is ending.

Or is it? This morning as I am doing my social media rounds (on Facebook) it seemed all I saw were posts about 1) Democrats putting down others that did not vote for Obama, and 2) Those that lost, saying things like 'Well, you voted him in, and decided to keep him so you deal with the next four years'. Now, in the last half hour, it has changed to those same Democrats (who days ago were chanting about revenge and rioting if they don't keep Obama in office) saying that everyone else is not joining hands and being a Country of People being United. WTF? Shows how two-faced many of them are I guess.

Needless to say, it is disappointing. Now I am sad.


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