Thursday, November 22

Happy Turkey Day

My heartfelt wishes that each of you have a wonderful day, no matter with whom or how you spend it.

Turkey Day has always been one of my favorite of the holidays that we celebrate here in the USA. What can I say, I like the food part of it all, and turkey is the best! Many people spend this holiday with families, and though that in itself may or may not be the most enjoyable of times, it is seemingly always looked back upon in memory as well worth it. I was trying to think back in my memories, of perhaps a special Thanksgiving Day I may have had, but nothing in particular comes to mind. So perhaps I could be wrong.

Many people like to make long, drawn-out speeches they pretend are the 'Grace' before meals. No insult intended there RM, or PT. I have been to a few dinners where there is just not enough people or things in the world that the person is not thankful for, and I think all the rest of us were thankful they finally shut up so we could eat before everything got cold. Others just take a quick moment to say thanks for family and friends, and to watch over loved ones that could not be with them. Others end up eating their meal at a Chinese restaurant because it is the only place open to eat at. That one makes me think of 'A Christmas Story; and the holiday meal they had. It's almost time to bring that movie out again.

Reverend Mother wants to start a new family "tradition" this year. I use the word "tradition" lightly here, because I don't know if I agree with it or not. This year, she has invited all the family members to join her in walking this morning. Yeah, walking. I don't even like doing that on the treadmill at the gym, let alone at an early hour on a holiday morning when I should be sleeping in. But, here I am up and moving earlier than even the usual for me. Anyway, a few weeks back when she first had the idea, I mentioned I wasn't fond of it, but would probably end up going, just to show support for her. Yesterday, she texted out a long notice about the walk to I presume all the family members that had phones. In it, she stated there was no guilt trips if we decided not to do the walk. I think that in itself causes a guilt trip. Not that I am having one. It's not easy for Mom to put me on a guilt trip, because I am so apathetic to most things. Overall, I just am not sue if I want to go walk this morning, even if I don't go as far as everyone else.

Either way, I must move on from wasting your time. Hope you enjoy your day, whatever you are doing, whatever you are eating, and whoever you spend it with.


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