Monday, November 26

The Changes Are Coming!

I want to send out a thank you to Joe over at Fat in Indiana. He had commented on the last post that he had seen an ad for a domain registration company offering a sale price of $0.99 for a .com name. I checked it out, and purchased one. Too bad it is only for 1 year, then goes to $10.99, but hey! One year for a buck?! It's a decent deal, and I can cancel later on if I find something better. It's not like I have to build a website to go with it.

SO the new domain name will be, and will still link here. As far as the changes to the actual blog, well, I am still working on them. I haven't come up with a title that sounds, if anything, interesting. Or at least not stupid, to me. I'll be going through the side bar and deleting some of the blogs that have moved on to other things, too.

Meanwhile, today is that supposed 'Cyber Monday' and gee, let me just say I am so going out crazy buying stuff online. Hell, I don't know even what to get anyone this year. Rev Mom emailed me that she went to the store yesterday, looking for gift ideas for the grandchildren (hers not mine - I don't have any) and came up with a big NOTHING after two hours of browsing through the store. Of course, then she asks me what they want, and/or clothing sizes and favorite colors. Like I would have any idea. I spoke to the oldest son about it this morning, and he has no idea what he would want. Probably just gift cards for wherever, he says. The typical teenage solution nowadays. Personally, I know we won't be purchasing much this year. As I am sure everyone feels the financial pinch of current events, we are feeling ours. I need to get an email out to family members to let them know since we can't afford gifts for everyone, that we have no worries if they do not get us anything. That'll be a fun one to phrase in such a way I don't feel like I am coming off as a snob and just telling them they ain't getting anything. Sigh. The things I do....

The Daughter was in town this weekend and as usual was nice to see her. She got some time in with us, and both her grandmothers. I don't expect to see her back until closer to Christmas. I need to find out from her, what he plans are - at least if she thinks she is staying here a week, I am going to ave to say I don't think so. Last year she did it, and did nothing but stay up all night, and sleep all day.

Well, my bitching is done for the moment. At least until I have something else to gripe about.


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