Tuesday, November 27

Yup - Still Got Nothing

After what I consider to be a decent post (yeah my standards are low) yesterday, today I don't have much to say. Today is one of those days I dread, where I need to go to the MIL's blah blah blah and sit on my ass to waste two hours. I am so fricking tired of this crap....

Yesterday, the oldest son's counselor from the school called me. Seems she wants to sit down with he and I to discuss his 4-year plan for classes in HS based on the possible future job careers he likes. They had sent me a notice back like the end of September about this, and I neglected to call. He had put down as his three career interests as Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., and the last was some other kind of engineering. Which I basically laughed off. Since the beginning of the school year (basically) he has been grounded due to him not wanting to complete his homework. I am sure I have bitched about it before. The class that he is not doing the homework for the most? Honors Algebra. Math class. What does engineering require quite a bit of? Math. See why I laughed it off? Either way, I went ahead and scheduled a time for us to meet. I need to email her this morning and change it now. Turns out it is the same day as the first day of practice for the District HS Honor Band, which the son is in, and is at another school. Sooooo, kind of hard for us to meet when he isn't even there that day. Nice that he made the Honor Band, but anymore, I think it is because he plays French horn, moreso than him just being an extremely good player. I mean, don't get me wrong! He plays fine....

December is almost here, which brings up that whole Christmas thing. It's no use to get all riled up about how commercialized the holiday is, etc, etc. I will bitch that statement quite a bit as the month goes on though. It also brings school concerts, church plays, and (ewww) having to be nice to people I could care less about. Already we have school band concerts twice the first week, and the following week is the church play performance. I'm going to be so sick of this shit come New Years Eve, I will prolly drink myself insane (short trip, I know - less alcohol that way I guess).

Okay, I need to get stuff done before heading to the MIL's.


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