Saturday, November 18

Domain is set up!

I am getting so tech savvy here lately. I checked this morning and the domain link is up and working, so if interested you can use

Gee, I feel so like "in-crowd" now having a domain name, a new blog site (that I hope everyone is finding easier to use...).

So it is Saturday, and I am not buzzed yet, but have plans to be that way prior to the end of the day. I am headed out here in teh next half hour to take the family out for lunch, then do some pants shopping for me, and then some new shoes for me. After that, drop the kids off let the Daughter watch the Boys and the Wife and I are off to my friend's place for an afternoon of Bacci Ball (if I spelled that right) and drinking. What a way to spend the day. Then Sunday, there is softball and then the usual steak & football games at the bar. My life feels so predicatible at times. I wonder what I can do to mix it up....?

The stomach is growling, and kids are ready, so I am headed out. Y'all have a good one!


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tony said...

Wow Ralph! Look at you...Congrats! Lookin' good. Still here on blogspot though...when is B& gonna happen?