Friday, January 30

Some Excitement!!

... is exactly what I don't need in my life. I don't mind a little change-up here and there, but some excitement? I think not.

Another Friday morning has arrived, and though it is the last day of work for me this week, I already have decided it is going to be a long day. Yeah, I decided. Not that it is happened, but I pre-determined how it is going to be. It started raining last night. Though not a deluge of water, but steady light showers. This is to continue through the entire day. In Arizona. Where people don't know how to drive in rain conditions. At least we are not to expect flooding, so won't have the stupid people trying to cross washes that are flowing heavy water (there are always several when it floods here).

I love the rain, even in AZ. It filters much of the dust and particulates that get in the air and bring on my allergies. The water is always needed in a desert, too. I love the sound of a good rainfall. I don't even mind the gray skies, though some say it depresses them. At 6:30 this morning, hearing the traffic report on the radio as I took the oldest Son to school, I have made plans to leave a little earlier for work. Traffic is backed up due to accidents caused by people not knowing how to drive in wet conditions.

Nothing major planned for this weekend. Thinking of going to see the last Hobbit movie with the family. Super Bowl is Sunday I just remembered, and I am planning on going to the usual party a friend has at his house.

Guess that's all I got today.


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Rev Mom said...

Traffic wasn't bad coming in at 6AM this morning - but my boss text me at 7:20 (she comes from Mesa) that she will be late due to traffic. Good luck - been thinking of you with all the superbowl and Phoenix Open people. Drive safe - watch the idiots. :-) Love you.