Tuesday, January 6

How to Console Those That Just Don't Care

I was at the pub tonight. Mainly because I knew there wasn't a bad ... Monday Night Football was over, and it would hopefully be a quiet night to have a few beers and read my current book.

There was a full moon out.

Well, if by calendar it wasn't, it sure looked like one, and the crazies came in. I was not working as bouncer tonight, and the bartenders handled most of them well. But near midnight, one that I knew showed up, more than 'in his cups' .... and he focused enough to see me. I spent the next hour getting him out of the bar (because he was drunk already) but had to spend the time re-hashing many times of my buddy Don's passing. Just when I thought I had a good "cap" on those emotions, some came back up. I can't say it was pleasant, but I can say he made it home fine. I did, too, after a couple more shots.

Full moon. Thought it would be a simple night, but I got that. I missed out on at least two hours of reading time on my Kindle. Selfish? Yeah. I got no problem with that. Kept his drunk, ready-to-fight mood from actually doing one. Pros and cons I guess.

Empathy. I don't think I have much. I just don't care. Then sometimes, a rare thing, and I do. I like Apathy more. I don't have to deal with ... other shit.

Full Moon, or new year? Hell, fuck if I know. maybe both can end at the same time.


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