Monday, January 12

Killing a Few Minutes

I've got a few minutes before I head into work this morning, so I should probably admit I already screwed up this morning. I was supposed to run the mortgage payment to the bank, but I forgot all about it, and slept in. But it isn't late until after the 15th, so should be okay to do it tomorrow morning, if I remember. But the sleeping in part was somewhat necessary I felt on my part. I wen tto bed fairly early last night, as I was just tired. I was awake at 3. Then again about 20 minutes later. And again, and again, and again. My back was sore. My hips hurt. Upper back ached. It felt like I had done quite a bit of heavy lifting that day, but I hadn't. Maybe it was "sleeping wrong" positioning> I don't know, but it kept up waking up seemingly every 20 minutes minutes. By 8:30 I realized nothing good was happening, so go up to get the day started.

Rain came last night Had been expecting some all weekend, but only seen light drizzle a short , couple times. Not sure what our forecast is for, but will find out as I head into work I am sure. Only a couple traffic updates on the phone, so doesn't sound like a bad drive in.

Already wishing this day was over, and I was crawling into bed. Not a good way to start it.


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