Monday, January 26

The Big Week

For you football fans out there, you know the Big Game is this coming Sunday. Knowing that, there is a good chance that you had been informed at some point it was going to be in the Phoenix/Valley area. To be exact, Glendale, AZ, which is home to the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals football team. Personally I don't care. I'm a Redskins fan, and we only get out here to play about every 4-6 years.

Either way, this is the week that leads up to the Super Bowl, and there are so many events going on around the various cities that make up the Valley. Plus - the TPC is hosting the Waste Management golf thingy (I forget the actual name) starting Thursday. I hear it is a pretty bog event every year as well. All in all, more people in town for the game, golf, snowbirds, etc .... also means more people on the road.

My route prior to last week would have been no problem for all the events going on this week. But, because Murphy's Law, and my own Luck, we hired on a new tech last week, to help replenish the 2-3 three we are short. He happens to be one they added to my route. No big deal. Only he lives just a couple miles (or so) near the Stadium. With all the events going on there this week, I am sure if you add in the normal rush hour traffic, the freeway/streets out there are going to be terrible. I am so not looking forward to this week. At least after Sunday, things will return to the norm.

This week also wraps up the end of January. Thinking back how other January's went, this one seemed pretty mellow. I am anxious for February though, as my work review is due, and hopefully a raise. Well, I am sure I will get a raise, but hoping it is a good amount. I submitted my time off request for May, for the Daughter's wedding. Took three days prior to the event. Hopefully I won't be required to do much running around for last minute stuff.


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