Tuesday, January 13

Is Winter Already Over?

The reason I ask is because the temperatures here in AZ are just feeling too good to be true. Today's expected high is 69 degrees. I should look to see if that is the normal for this time of year. Fro some reason, I am thinking it is supposed to be a bit lower. Heck, we hit 81 last week, making a new high temp for that day. Something weird for sure. Well, the quickest sources of info I found say that the average winter temp for AZ is 67 ... I have been here for almost 30 years, and I seem to recall most of those winters being cooler than the current one. Maybe it is just me and a jaded memory.

I am up early this morning to be sure I make it to the bank when they open, before heading into work.

I ain't got nothing else to really write about today. The Boys are doing alright. The Daughter will be up in town this weekend for their engagement photos. Work is work. Guess that that kind of news is pretty darn good for my life.


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