Wednesday, December 9

Getting Back Into It

I have been, in my opinion, quite busy the past couple of months or so. Enough that I haven't taken the time to even try to post anything, let alone even visit the ol' blog. Is it truly lack of available time? Not able to think of a creatively worded topic and subsequent post? Just too damn lazy? Probably more of the last one than any others.

So this morning, since I am up earlier than normal, I decided to try again to post something ... maybe just some mindless drivel, or complaints about my life. Heck, there maybe be even interesting content (to some) here every once in awhile. But I figured, instead of just sleeping until I HAVE to get up, if I rise twenty minutes earlier, I still have time to post something, since I would be on the computer checking email, etc. at that time anyways.

This counts as a post ... this explaining to myself (and you) what I am going to try to do.

Whew! Now, off to the showers!!


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