Saturday, December 19

Wearing Out

I think I have finished all the shopping I am doing for Christmas presents. Today we went out and activated the phone the middle son will be getting on Friday. Then I had to go shopping for a case for it, which led to me getting a couple other things for the Wife and the boys. I have no idea what all there actually is that between the Wife and I have bought. I suppose we will find out late Christmas Eve when she gets done wrapping and labeling. I hope to have my wrapping done by Monday evening.

Short work wee this week. Only have to work four days. However, my days have 9-10 hours long, not counting the 45 minute drive to/from home. There are a couple new techs that have been hired (which is good) and they are on the Westside, so will be added to my delivery schedule. Which means more time driving. Not excited about that.

Not sure how we will be traveling for Christmas. Usually it is our family, then the MIL's, then my parents, before we retire at home (tired and worn out from wrapping most of the night before and getting up early). We have kept the same times pretty much for the past several years, but I am not sure what/who is doing what this year. RM, that means what are your plans/times you guys need to do things?

Guess that is about all I got for now.


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Rev Mom said...

Well, we have discussed your sister and family coming over Christmas Eve night for dinner and opening gifts. Then I believe Stuart will be over about 9-ish..... and I think you come over usually about 11-ish, don't you? We are staying home - as far as I know - after that. Of course I'll have lunch for you all. :-) Does that help answer your question? You can come later if you want -