Friday, January 1

New Year

I made it through yet another holiday season. The kids were happy with Christmas. I presume most of the extended family were as well. In a way, it doesn't matter now if they were or not, because I am not taking anything back.

Broke the new year in last night by staying home and waiting until midnight. The oldest son had gone to a friends for some kind of get-together, so it was the Wife, myself and the two younger boys. The males played on the computers, while the Wife had a nap for a better part of the evening. We all watched the replay of NYC's ball drop at the appropriate hour for AZ. Went to bed shortly afterwards.

Resolutions? I don't do them. Goals? Don't do them either. Pretty much by the seat of my pants for this next year, and hope it goes well. My side of the family were getting together today at Sis', but the Wife had to work today, and wasn't sure if it would be a full day or not. That being said, I opted to not go with the boys. I'm sure there will be some left-overs, and RM will bring me by some of the cole slaw - since I am about the only one in the family that likes it. Maybe I'll get some ribs, too...

Been trying to get through as portion of my e-book library I have amassed. At one point I had around (but probably more than) 2200 e-books. Many are series. I have maybe knocked it down close to 100, as I try out the first book of a series and decide if it is something I want to read, or if it is just not my style. Mostly that means, since I read quite a bit of paranormal, urban fantasy, that is there isn't a lot of romance crap pin the story. I don't mind a little, as sometimes the story needs it ... but when we are talking borderline smut, pages and pages long with detailed description .... No. I am not interested. And there are a few authors I have found, that write that way in any series they write. Must be for those really, lonely women.

On the negative side, I have probably added another 50 to the library. you know, updating book seven of that series, even though I haven't started it yet. Because if I like it, I don't want to have to go hunt down the book(s) again later. Or there are new books that sound interesting. I may never get my library back to a more manageable side.

The oldest Son received a used Kindle Fire from RM for Christmas this year. We threw in the stipulation that he would need to pass his regular Kindle to the next brother. They both help keep books moving along in the library. They seem to have similar tastes in fiction that I do, and we are able to swap ideas/books easily.

Well, almost 4pm, and haven't heard from the Wife. Guess she had to work all day. One of my buddies and I might get out a bit tonight, but haven't heard from him yet either. He said something the other day about maybe having to work today as well. I'm glad to have it off. It'll be another five months before my next holiday off (Memorial Day), but I know I am planning to use a few days of vacation before then.


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Rev Mom said...

You know me well, don't you, when it comes to bringing food you like. :) BUT, your sister also likes coleslaw so I had to leave some for her, bring some home for Tom and get to you as well. Hope you got the ribs and coleslaw. :)