Wednesday, January 13

You Can't Win, If You Don't Play

Powerball Lottery drawing tonight. Prize is at an estimated 1.5 BILLION dollars. With the cash option, it is around $930 Million .... I believe they said after taxes (for an Arizonian) it is around $633 million, if you are the single jackpot winner. Wow.

I had posted several months ago about daydreaming about wining the lottery. It was at a high amount back then. A piddle in the puddle compared to this week. Simply said, I have been daydreaming, again.

Last Saturday, at $700 million, I bought a few tickets. Not one, not two, but ten. Yeah, waste of $20, but .... yeah. I heard Sunday morning that there was no winner, and waited until Monday to have the tickets checked. I won $8, and promptly re-invested it into 4 new tickets for tonight. My chances better? Not really.

So I guess the big question is, if I win, do I take the annuity or the cash option? I was just glancing at the website, and I don't see an option on the menu to determine how the annuity works, as far as % of payout, and if it is annually or monthly, etc. It would be interesting to check that out, and how long it lasts. Getting only about half of it all in cash is crappy, even if it is$600+ million I don't have now....

Drawing is tonight .... while I am on the road. Guess I will be checking my tickets when I get home.
If I win the big jackpot, anyone that makes a comment here prior to the drawing tonight, I'll send you a million dollars ....


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