Thursday, January 21

Making It Later

The other day when I arrived at work, I wondered at how my day was going to go. The first thing I heard was that my Boss wanted to see me. I didn't think much of it, knowing I hadn't messed anything up (that I knew of) and maybe he had some special request of me (special delivery, extra drop-off/pick-up, etc).

There are a couple of newer techs that I deliver to for the "west side". Believe me, we are still a bit short on techs ... but that is another story. One of the two newer guys leaves waaaaayy, waaayyy out on the west side ... about a mile further than the previously 'furthest west guy'. Due to the way I run my route, and times that I arrive, this new tech can't seem to be home by the time I get there. Unfortunately, I cannot make a return trip to him the same evening (due to distance) so he ended up not turning paperwork in for (according to my boss) three days. So how do we fix this problem?

Boss' idea is to make me start work an hour later each day, thus, making me deliver an hour later. Which also means, I make it home an hour later. So instead of being home by 9'ish at night, it is now 10'ish. Maybe even later. Last night was the first night, and already I don't like the extra drive time I have as I leave right int he middle of rush hour (4:30'ish) and have to cross half the town for the first stop. Not liking having to be home later. I hardly see my boys as it is due to my work hours, and school for them. The Wife was not entirely pleased either. But the Boss and I could not figure out a better way to solve the issue at this point, and per the Boss, it is supposedly temporary - to get the tech up to speed. Though, I did point out to him that the end result was going to be he takes advantage of the "extra time" and not rush to meet me.... which will call more delays in the long run.

So that left me this morning with an extra hour to kill before going to work. Actually, it will be that way for awhile. An extra hour to sit here and wait for time to go to work. Joy.

On the plus side, it has been near 70 most this week....


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