Monday, January 25

It's Monday Again

How about them two big upsets in football yesterday? Did I care? No. My Redskins have been out of the playoffs for awhile.

Hung out a bit yesterday with one of my buddies. While together, we went over and visited another friend, one that had broken his hip the weekend before. He'd had hip replacement done Tuesday. Seemed to be getting around good with a walker.

The Daughter and SIL were in town this weekend. The SIL had other plans, so on Saturday we took the Daughter out with us to Olive Garden. The boys love being around their sister, and the three older ones seemed to do nothing but giggle and make fun all night. I guess that is good. Could be worse ways to act with your siblings.

Still trying to adjust a bit to the "new" work hours. I have been starting later, but still finishing up a  bit early. Mainly because I had one tech that was out sick all last week. Hopefully he will be back this week, and I can see how the change in hours should generally affect me.

Guess that's all for today.


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