Thursday, January 28

Wrecks, Near Misses, and Total Annihilation

Woke up this morning to having a number of texts on my cellphone. Aside from the usual handful (traffic updates from the local news radio) there was a string started by the Reverend Mother. My first thought was she was going to ask some minor detail of me, but there were several from her. Once I opened it up, I realized it was a group text, thus the many responses.

Seems RM was rear-ended this morning on her way to work. She says she is fine, but the van won't power over 40 mph and making a racket. Just now she says the insurance adjuster says the tailpipe is bent over about 10 inches. Could be the cause of the power loss and racket. My siblings told her she should go to the hospital either way to get checked out. I'm staying out of that argument. I guess she is now trying to get someone to pay for the rental car she will need.

Though I am not usually out driving at the time RM goes to work, I do have to occasionally. If I remember right, most of the way to work for her is freeway, and that moves sluggishly, rarely getting over 40 most of the way. But hearing now the tailpipe bent that much... sounds likke maybe they were clipping along at a good rate.

With me driving all over the Valley in a daily route, I think about how many times I have come near to having an accident, be it my fault or theirs. At least twice comes to mind, of near misses that could have resulted in tragedy. I have had spin-outs on the free way at 65 mph happen right in front of me, and missed it. Sitting at a red light and that one guy making a left not quite making it, and getting spun out right in front of me. I still don't know how his car missed me. Let's not forget all the regular stuff that happens: people changing lanes without looking, cutting me off, sudden stops. That 16-foot box truck doesn't stop on a dime.....

Anyways, I need to run. Be safe out there.


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Rev Mom said...

LOL Leaving at 6AM the traffic usually moves along at 55. Just before I got to the McDowell Van Buren exit (heading to the 202) the car in front of me (about 4-5 car lengths) started slowing down, as did I. When I got to about 3 car lengths it stopped. Just as a pick-up truck jumped from the left lane into our lane and had to immediately brake. I then slammed on my brakes and missed him by inches - then pow! The guy behind me just couldn't get it stopped - it was that extra release before grabbing again that hit me. The guy behind him just missed him. Anyway - long story short - my bumper and tailpipe need to be replaced (correct-tailpipe bent - no power) and I have a rental car. I feel so bad for the guy that hit me - his Nissan sentra was totally bashed in - my van is higher than his car. And I think he only carried liability insurance. AND, praise God, I am still FINE. I didn't go to the ER, I didn't call an attorney. My van is being fixed, I have a rental, and I'm not hurt. Be safe out there son! Love you!