Tuesday, February 2

Top News: Stomach Bug Strikes Home!

Oh boy, and did it.

Saturday morning started early for us, as the youngest had some vomiting and diarrhea issues in the early morning. Thank goodness we have tile throughout most of the house. By Saturday evening he was feeling better, had kept down some food, and said he just felt sort of tired.

Sunday he seemed back to himself, and the family (excluding me) went to church. The Wife picked up lunch and brought home afterwards. I was playing Fallout 3 for most of the afternoon. Then I decided to go out for a couple beers. I had just barely started my second beer, and felt the familiar gurgling down deep in the stomach. I thought to myself, no way was I doing a back-yard run here in the pub...where the stalls have no doors. I proceeded to quickly make my way home. Once there, I barely made it into the bathroom, and once that job was done, literally, stood up, turned and did the other.

I was shaking with cold. I ached all over. I had four covers on me in bed. Couldn't hold down anything. This was about 8pm. By 10'ish, the youngest had started the signs again. At 2am, the middle son is doing the middle of the night trips. At 4am, the Wife joined in the party. Weak, tired, and achey, we waited to see if the oldest would soon succumb.

He didn't. The Wife made it up and ran him to school for zero hour, then went and picked him up about two hours later, because he had a migraine coming on. As of last night, he was still having no symptoms. So one of us may have made it free. I held down a small bit of food and drink last night, But this morning, made a trip to the can for a healthy dose of the runs. I am returning to work today - the Wife isn't - but I hope to not have many episodes today. I am still pretty weak-feeling, and definitely ache all over, but still need to get the job done.

Being sick sucks.


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