Thursday, February 4

Planning For Disaster

Hmmm. Didn't look like I spelled it correctly, but I guess I did. Might be the beer on my brain.

I feel a bit ... put on the spot. The end of next month is the big 25th anniversary for The Wife and I, and I ... have not put any thought into it. I mean in the aspect that, I , was obviously expected to find some unique gift item, and life would go on. I was school'ed. Meaning, no, that was then this is now.

Everybody keeps throwing at me that I should do some big, theatrical, over-the-board thing for the 25th Anniversary. Pshaw. The Wife and I, we were never into big shows. We aren't into throwing parties, family gatherings (though we attend others), or other acts of ....yeah. It's just the way we are. I got two words for you if you don't like it.

So The Date falls on a Wednesday. I figured a weekend get-a-way. I must have messed up somewhere, because now the Wife wants a get-a-way .... in the middle of the week, and I lose 3 days vacation to do it.

Not a bad exchange.... not arguing that. But she tells me, you figure it out. ARGH! I offered up some basic places near Phoenix: how about San Diego (I love this place) - No, Mexico, we could go to Rocky Point - no, neither of us have the passport now that it is required, and I wouldn't want to go there again for this event. Bottom line, don't travel far (meaning in state) and find a nice place.

I know AZ is not NE, and the ends of March are not summer for most states, but I want no snow (though I have lived in it, and have no probs), and preferably warmer weather, as like most of us men know, women are like snakes.... cold-blooded, so the more sun they get, they better our lives can be....

I asked around tonight. Female bartenders. Female customers. Female co-workers. Just for an idea, within the state, that they thought would be a place they would like to stay a weekend. I did not share it was for my anniversary, just to get an honest opinion, if they could get away, without kids for 2 days... blah blah blah.

I have a few more things to check. A couple more people to check in with, before I make actual plans. But things are looking good in that department.

A gift. I gotta do that, too?!? I received one. Ordered one (it is en route). Have plans for three more. They may seem cheap priced, but meaning behind them is more important. I texted the Wife tonight because one last gift I was thinking about needed her ring size. I had no clue. She responded I think it is this. I asked if I did a half size larger, would it be ok. I never got an answer. Which means, I am in hell for that one.Heck, last time I bought a ring, she was with me... and it was our wedding rings. Wait, no. I bought her a ring on our 10th. So it is just another piece of my memory gone, that I don't remember her ring size.

Once again .... I'm gonna burn in a slow Hell....


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