Tuesday, February 16

Before the Shower

The thing with living in AZ, is one should never be surprised about the heat. Unless it happens in February. This week may be one that goes into the weather archives for temperatures, and not the cold ones. Yesterday we broke the second (that I heard of) high temp ever for the recorded day, and at this time we are already in the upper 80's ....and it is only February!!!

The way I heard it from the news on talk radio yesterday (yes, only one source) we are to expect these high temps, leading into the low 90's, this week, with a "cooling trend" by the weekend. Cooling trend? What, LL Cool J coming to town after the Grammys? Are temps to drop back into the 70s? Or just drop a degree or two? No one seems to know.....

I don't care for the warmer weather. My only relief in the 'warehouse' room I work in is a fan. It has been on the last week ... to at least let me think there is air movement, and anything to help make me sweat less. Yes, I know it is only a psychological thing. I still drip sweat, and pretend I am not hot. And it has not quite hit 90 yet... though expected either today or tomorrow .... yea.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. No. Really.           Not.


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