Friday, January 15

Yup. Figured.

So, I shall share the great news. I didn't win the Powerball lottery Wednesday night. Not even close. I even had the ticket checked yesterday morning, and didn't even win a dollar. Yep. Figured. Now the jackpot resets to 40 million, but I don't want to play. Seems I only play if it gets up over 100 million, but it probably is a waste of money everytime I play. Oh well.

I'm glad it is Friday though. Feeling pretty worn out from work this week, though not because of any specific thing. Maybe it is the stress of daydreaming of winning the lottery, then having those dreams dashed to the ground when I found out I didn't win.... Yeah, right.

No major plans this weekend. Think I am going to avoid doing as much as possible. Crawl into bed and only get out to eat & use the restroom. That'd be nice, because it will never happen.


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