Friday, May 8

Crossing Fingers

It is Friday. I am on Vacation from work. The Daughter is getting married tomorrow. My day is pretty open.

I think all that combined puts me in a pretty damn good mood ... so far.

Last night was the Daughter's wedding rehearsal. Aside from the fiance being nearly thirty minutes late (so, he was right on time for his appearances) it went well. This was the first time I had seen the venue they were having it at. I was a bit let-down at the actual size of the place. The descriptions and what few pictures I had seen, had made it look a little bigger. Maybe once it is all set up and I see it, my opinion will change ... otherwise, I think we paid too much for the place. After the rehearsal, the Fiance's parents invited us all out for dinner. It was a restaurant I had not heard of, and not too terribly far of a drive from our home. It was good! Some nice Italian food!

This morning, the Wife is accompanying me, along with Daisy and Rusty, (aka That Damn Cat, aka Crack Kitty) to the vet. Daisy has her rabies update due, and Rusty was due for his regular checkup a couple months ago. Afterwards, I have no plans for the day so I may end up at the pub for a couple brewskis.

Tomorrow is the Daughter's wedding. I was told that the Wife and Daughter plan to be at the venue by 3pm, though the wedding isn't until 5-5:30. I mentioned I guess we all would be there at 3, and she gave me a funny look. I can't believe I had to explain to her that there is no need to do two vehicles to drive that far. We are not bringing anyone to the wedding. Though, I cannot say I am happy about being two hours early.... I'm bringing my book, for sure.

Well, I will be absent for a couple days due to all the activity. hope you have a good weekend.


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