Thursday, May 28


Phoenix Comicon is here this weekend. For those that do not know what a comicon is, well, it is sort of hard to explain. Some would say it is a geekfest, others would other words. There is quite a bit of cosplay (dressing up in costumes) going on. The Daughter and the eldest Son are planning on going Saturday dressed up as some characters from some Anime, I believe. I went to purchase the Son's ticket last night, but something went wrong online. I did it twice, but no tickets as of this morning. I wasn't planning on going, but if it glitches correctly, I'll have 2 tickets so may end up going. There are always many authors there, and this year there are several that I enjoy their books. However, being how I read most of mine on the Kindle, I don't have the physical books to have them signed .... bummers. And believe it or not, I often get shy with the thought of just walking up and speaking to them, letting them know I enjoyed their books. I get all nervous.

So, depending on how this ticket debacle ends up will determine the weekend for me I believe.

Not much else going on. Today is the last day of school for the boys. We have no major plans. The eldest has band camp starting in about a week I think. I got some discount coupons for the waterpark that maybe we can go this summer at some point.

It is supposed to be 101 tomorrow. The first time into the three digit area since May 2nd. It has been a wonderful cooler May here in the Valley, and not looking forward to the hotter temps, but expected them a long time ago,

I keep hearing stuff about new candidates running for whatever office. I think we have like 10 int he Presidential category, Santorum being the newest. As an American, I think I am a bit embarrassed by these candidates. Yet at the same time, I could not name a person that would be 100% better than any of them. Hopefully, like previous years, this jokes will be knocked out of the competition once the big hitters get in there.

Enough for today, I got to head to work.


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