Sunday, May 3

Heat Wave

Friday (May 1st) Phoenix hit 100 for the first time this year. Well, I should say officially, as they user only the temperature recorded at Sky Harbor airport as the official city temperature. There are other parts of the Valley that have been above 100 by a degree or two prior to Friday. What does that mean? Summer is here. It will just steadily get warmer until October.

With the warmer temps, it has gotten warmer in the house. Yesterday it was bad enough I was sweating inside, with a fan on. Obviously, it is time to turn on the air conditioning. Except, it didn't work. Seems it is blowing, but no cool air. Which means it needs to be charged with freon, Ia m sure, and that is if there is not some other component of the system that is leaking. The Wife is off work all this week, so maybe she will be able to find someone to come out Monday and take a look. Going to talk to her about it today when they get home from church.

So, it is short of 11 am, and it isn't terribly hot inside yet. been wasting my morning playing on the computer. My regular buddy I meet up with on Sundays is out of town on vacation, so no plans to hang out with anyone.

Yeah. Pretty boring weekend, but I kind of like it. This week is going to be getting busy too quick I am sure.


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