Sunday, May 31

Another Bloody Sunday

Another Sunday morning finds me oddly awake at s very early hour. I think it is the fact that I did not go out drinking last night, but that doesn't make sense for the other Saturdays I do not go out, and yet sleep in something fierce on Sundays. At this point it doesn't matter, as it is just after 5am, and yet I have been up for almost an hour already. Sounds like it is bloody marys at 6 for me.

I did not go to Comicon yesterday. Seems there ticket sales online Wednesday were all messed up, and so they extended the pricing an extra day (saves me $5 more) and I was able to get it to correctly go through Thursday evening. So, I did not have the extra ticket. Not that I did anything interesting that I could not have gone ... The eldest Son went with the Daughter & SIL, all dressed up. The Daughter was the character Link from the LEGEND OF ZELDA games, and the SIL was Blue Link, from something to do with the same games. Not sure who the Son went as - his sister made the outfit, and he got dressed somewhere else and I have not seen pics yet.

June is here tomorrow. It finally hit over 100 here Friday (103) and an expected 106 yesterday, and probably the same for today. I thought I heard to cool off to the upper 90s this week again, but not sure.

Guess I will surf the net a bit before leaving for my liquid breakfast.


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