Wednesday, June 3

For Sale

When I am not at work, the personal vehicle I use is a minivan. A 2000 Ford Windstar, that we had purchased back in around the mid 2000's ... if I remember right. I'm thinking it was around 2005, as it was just before the last child of mine was born. We were in a rush to get it, as the previous POS crap van we had only sat three in the back, so with the one on the way... plus, the van had crapped out on us when we went to San Diego. Either way, it was the best deal I could find at the time, and I think it was $6,000. Back around 2011-2012, I got rid of the Saturn I was driving (it was on it's last leg) and we purchased a newer van, for the Wife to drive, and I would take over the Windstar. For a Ford, I guess it has done pretty good. Fifteen years, and it still runs. Only now, the check engine light is on, needs many, many things done to it. Time to retire it rather than spend more money getting it fixed. Over the years we have had it, I think we have spent over 6K in repairs already.

So the past couple weeks I have been going through dealerships online, seeing what is available. I don't want brand new, but something a bit more current ... say within 7 years. Though there is product out there, it is too expensive. The Wife and I don't want to add on an additional monthly payment to some car finance company, plus even higher insurance due to the full coverage. Haven't been seeing many vehicles on the side of the road with for sale signs in the windows.

I spent about an hour on Craigslist last night. Saw some really good deals. Saw many that I would not even think of contacting. I was a bit shocked at the number of words misspelled in car descriptions, or worse, intermixed with Spanish words, or spelling. I know we have [too] many Hispanics out here, but still. I think this Friday after work I will be running through the ads there again, and see if I can find a couple to check out on Saturday. Trust me, I'll take the precautions suggested (and a few I have made up) to be sure I don't get screwed, or attacked. Sometimes Craigslist people are dangerous .... or so I have heard stories. Heard more stories about the deals/experiences being good.

So, maybe I will be driving a new car this weekend .... maybe I won't. 


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Joe said...

The cash for clunkers program destroyed the used car market since the rules said any car traded under the program had to be destroyed