Saturday, June 20

Something I Should Probably Get Used To

The weather here in AZ has been a tad warm of late. Earlier this week, we tied a record high temperature of 114, that had been previously set back in 1896. Of course, this is just the temperature record for that specific day. I also heard yesterday that we are on our way to possibly break another record, of number of days over 110. The current record they said was 10 days. I didn't happen to catch if that was for any summer, or just June. Either way, it is too many. The stories say that Hell is hot, but Arizona is hotter ... well, with my bad habits, and where I live, I should be used to it by now. Of course, the women out here love the heat. I know Reverend Mother says the pool water isn't warm enough until the water temp is over 80. Days like the past few, I would not be surprised if it is a few degrees above that mark.

The middle Son and I go "scrappin'" on Saturday mornings usually. By scrapping, I mean we empty the trash/old parts from my work truck. We meet a guy that takes all the old parts for scrap. It gets my truck cleaned out, makes him a few bucks and gives me some time with my son. I debated going earlier this morning to try to beat the heat, but unless it is like 4am, it isn't going to make a difference. Already it is 81 out.

Well, I think it is about time I went and woke up the middle boy, and we can head up to QuikTrip and grab some drinks and breakfast before heading scrappin.


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