Thursday, July 2

She Made Me Do It

Well, not *IT*, that would have been easy... No, it's a little more than just sex.

The Wife is making me fly back to Indiana. Making me? Yeah. Pretty much. The Daughter and SIL were wanting to fly back this next week, seeing how my Dad's side of the family are doing a get-together. This way she could "introduce" the SIL to the family (he has not had the opportunity to meet much of my family). Talk had been a few weeks ago, about the possibility of me going with them, since I knew the locations of everyone, places to be, etc. I had turned it down at that time, due to not being able to plan out days off from work, and finances.

Last week, the Wife brought it up.At bedtime. After I had had a few drinks. She pretty much scolded me for not wanting to go back, and did her best to guilt-trip me (doesn't work much anymore) about how I should go see my grandparents BEFORE they pass away. Bottom line is I am going. Fly out next week for 4 days, before returning home. The Daughter and SIL are going as well, but their trip is overlapping the days that I am going. We will see each other a couple of the days.

So I am excited to go. Not thrilled, as I know our finances are taking a little hit to do this trip. Especially after just getting my new car about a month ago. The Wife says we can manage the hit. Too late now to do anything but go since I purchased the flight already.

Looking forward to seeing some family I haven't seen in at least 5 years.


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Rev Mom said...

For what it's worth, I'm glad you are going.... you need to. ((hugs)) Give your grandparents my love.